SkyFlyer Zip Tours

Our zipline tour is currently closed and will reopen in the Spring of 2021. Your tour will take you on an extreme adventure as you fly 100 feet over the ski slopes below at speeds of 35 mph. Our dual zipline is one of the longest in the Midwest at 1300 feet. We offer a full zip tour and a half zip tour. The half zip tour consists of zips one and two. It is designed to get you acquainted with how it feels to be on the zipline, and how to best take-off and land. Our full tour consists of zips one through four, and offers more of a challenge as the last two zips are higher and faster. The full tour generally takes about an hour to complete.

SkyFlyer Tour Hours

Please call a week ahead to schedule your tour!

309.798.2673 to make reservations
Monday and Thursday Closed

Booking a Tour is Easy.

Participants must be within the recommended weight limit of 70-250lbs., and must not be pregnant. All participants will need to sign a waiver upon arrival.Cancellation Policy
After a zip tour has been booked, there are No Cancellations or Refunds. We will work to change the date or time of your tour, but will not refund for any reason. If we must reschedule due to weather or safety related issues, we will work to put you into the next available tour date and time.