Ski & Snowboard Lessons

Ski & Snowboard Lessons

Make your time on the snow more enjoyable by taking a lesson. Whether you're a beginner or someone who wants to fine-tune your technique, we have a class for you. More fun on the snow, is what we are all about. Snowstar Winter Park has some of the best instructors around. They are highly trained and motivated to help you have the best time possible.

To simplify the learning process, we have added a magic carpet to the Little Dipper teaching area. The rental shop is now featuring the new shorter shaped skis for ease of learning! Combine these new features with our experienced teaching staff and you are on the cutting edge of the learning process.

Private snowboarding & skiing lessons are available for those who would like special attention or would like to work on a specific improvement. Semi-private lessons are available for students of like ability. In addition, group sales has special programs for schools and large groups.

Lessons start at 10am daily. Regular lessons are available without an appointment. See lesson times below. Private lessons need to be scheduled, and can go out at your preferred time. Walk-ins are not guaranteed a lesson - so make your reservation ahead of time. Simply call us at 309-798-2673 locally.

For those taking the first lesson, it will last approximately one hour. During that lesson you will learn how to safely use your equipment, and to safely ski/board the teaching hill. Your instructor will give you the basics to be able to safely have fun at Snowstar and other areas. If this is your first time, we recommend that you bring more clothing than you need (hat, gloves, coat, sunglasses, waterproof pants, etc.). You can always get comfortable by removing items, but it's hard to add them if you left them at home.

All children under the age of 6 years old interested in taking a lesson, are required to take a Private Lesson. It is reccomended that these lessons be scheduled in advance!

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Lesson Rates

Private (Reservations required)$50
Additional Hour (same day)$40

  • Reservations preferred for all private lessons. Please call 800-383-4002 toll free, or 309-798-2673 locally.
  • ALL children taking a lesson, under the age of 6 years old, are required to take a private lesson; We recommend that these lessons be scheduled in advance. Please call 309-798-2673
  • Just for Kids lessons are available for ages 7-12 years old. Click Here for Classes: Lessons For Kids

Beginner Group Lesson Times

Weekdays (Non-Holidays)

Weekends & Holidays