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Where To Go

Upon Arrival

Your visit to Snowstar should be made easier by our convenient way-finding signage which have designated color coding to easily find your way around the park.  Each major area now provides a unique color pattern that identifies which location you need to find or where you are currently located.  Following are the color codes:

  • Dark Blue - Welcome Center (Ticketing, The Stash Retail Store, Rental, Restrooms and the Corporate Offices)
  • Red - Lodge (Upper Level Restrooms and Gravity Grille; Lower Level  Rex's Rendevous Pub & Lounge, Coal Creek Cafe and Meteor Patio & Outdoor Barbeque Hut)
  • Green - Ski School (Ski & Board Lessons)
  • Orange - Terrain Park
  • Light Blue - Shooting Star Tube Hill


Welcome Center

The Welcome Center is conveniently located adjacent to the parking lot. Come on in to purchase Lift Tickets (including Tube Hill), Ski and Board Rentals, and Lessons. A TICKET is required to access any of the slopes and rent equipment. After receiving your TICKET, make sure to attach it to a visable area on your coat, pants, or goggles. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance for putting on your LIFT TICKETS.  locker rental require quaters and can be exchanged at your time of purchase.


Getting Your Rental Equipment

(Ski and Snowboards, Boots, Poles, Helmets and Bibs)

After attaching your Lift TICKETS, proceed to the rental shop located conveniently in the back of the Welcome Center Facility.  Here are your steps:

  • Step 1 – Tell the Ticket Attendant whether you are skiing or boarding and what size boot you want. Sizes generally match your shoe size.
  • Step 2 – Pick a spot on the benches and try on your boots. We recommend only one pair of socks otherwise boots will not fit properly. Adjust your buckles; make sure your boots fit snug, but not uncomfortably tight. You should be able to wiggle toes. Hosts are available to assists you. Rental Staff are trained to properly fit your boot, so PLEASE do not hesitate asking for help. 
  • Step 3 – Proceed to the next counter where you will fill out a simple rental form (age, sex, identify your skiing ability and if you are a beginner, and signature). You will be asked your weight and height so equipment can be safely fitted to you.
  • Step 4 – After receiving your equipment, the technician will advise you on pole selection and where to proceed. Locker area available nearby where you can conveniently store your personal items. The lockers do take quarters, so if change is needed; please do so at the ticket window to avoid delays in the rental shop.  There are also coin operated locker located in the Lodge.


Take a Lesson

The teaching area is located just outside the back doors of the rental shop. Instructors will be eager waiting to greet and prepare you for you lesson. The beginner lesson will teach you how to turn, stop, and use the lifts at Snowstar.  Click here to learn more about lessons: 


What to Do If You

Need a Restroom? Restrooms are located in the back of the rental shop and first level of the Lodge.

Need First-Aid? Ask any uniformed Ski Patroller, any Snowstar Staff member, or go to the Ski Patrol Ofice located directly next to the Welcome Center.

Hungry? The Lodge has two eating areas. On the Upper Level is the Gravity Grille and Lower Level is the Coal Creek Cafe, pizza shop and Rex's Rendevous Pub. By law alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be brought from home onto the premises. The seating areas in the Lodge are for patrons purchasing food and/or beverages. 

Brought Your Own Sack Lunch? There are numerous picnic tables on the Meteor Patio at the Lower Level of the Lodge and located throughout the park are numerous benches and chairs for your convience. Purchase anything at our restaurants to enjoy with your sack lunch inside, but the coolers MUST stay outside.


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