We will open Tuesday 4-8, Wed 4-8, Thurs 4-8!

Tubing FAQs

Can more then 1 person ride in a tube? 

  • We allow one rider per tube.

Do I need to sign anything? 

  • We do require everyone to sign a waiver. A parent/guardian signtuare is recommended for anyone under the age of 18

Can I bring my own sled?

  • We do not allow for the use of personal sleds. The use of tubes is included in the prices listed above. 

Do I need special clothing?

  • We suggest to dress for the weather. Layers are recommended as you can take them off if the need arises. Water proof clothing is highly recommended.
  • No ski boots are allowed on the tubing hill.

Is tubing safe?

  • Our hill is designed for you to have fun and with your safety in mind.

How do I get back up the hill?

  • Our state of the art magic carpet transports you back up to the top of the hill with no effort at all.

Is there an age limit for tubing?

  • Due to liability issues, no one under 3 years of age is allowed to use our Tube Hill.


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