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Premier Clubs

Introducing Snowstar Premier VIP Clubs

It's simple, get 15 or more people and everyone SAVES on 2017/18VIP Season Passes at Snowstar. Plus, hit 15 PAID members, and the Club Sponsor receives a FREE VIP Season Pass

2017/2018 Premier VIP Club Pricing:

Existing Clubs $205
New Clubs (require minimum of 15 members) $205

Offer valid until November 5, 2017.  After November 5th, call office for details on setting up a VIP Club to recieve discounts.

Want to Sponsor a new VIP Club?

Club Sponsors no longer will be responsible for collecting money from each group member for their individual passes. Instead, a unique e-commerce link to a webpage hosted on the Snowstar web site will be created for each unique group. Then, each participant will be responsible to transact their own purchase and payment by posted deadlines, ALL online at your fingertips! An instant database of all of your member’s contact information will be created for ease of communications and tracking now and in the future. Why bother with the stress of keeping track and knowing who’s paid and who hasn’t?  Snowstar makes it easy and rewards you with the following:

  • Special customized web page created for your Club, so you can communicate to your entire group with ease. You simply email a link to the page to each member with instructions on how to sign up.
  • Easily monitor the activity of your group watching who’s paid and what pass level they have purchased.
  • Arrange special gatherings and announcements with your group utilizing a mobile easy-to-use platform.
  • For each NEW member (Newbie) brought into your Club; (anyone that has never been a Season Pass holder at Snowstar), you will receive a $10 credit on a Snowstar Gift Card.
  • For 15-49 Club Members, Sponsor will receive one (1) VIP Pass
  • For 50-75 Club Members, Sponsor will receive $50 Snowstar Gift Card
  • For 76-100+ Club Members, Sponsor will receive $100 Snowstar Gift Card.
  • Club Sponsor would be invited to a yearly “Kick-Off Dinner” to be among the first to learn about any changes that have, and are occurring at Snowstar.
  • Recruit a NEW Club Sponsor who then recruits a minimum of 15 Newbies, original Sponsor will receive one (1) VIP Pass (fully transferable, NO limit)

Ready to sign up?

Become a Club Sponsor OR Join an existing club by emailing General Manager Dan McCanna today, or calling 309-798-2666. Club Sponsors are given a unique link for their members to login and purchase their Passes! 

If you're already in a club, contact your Club Sponsor to get your login information today!


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