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Product ID JustForKids3WeekCamp
Just For Kids 3 Week Camp

Camp participants will be grouped and coached according to ability level by the same coach for 3 consecutive weeks.
All Camp graduates will receive a GOLD Season Pass for the remainder of the year!

Campers purchasing Lift, Lesson & Rental must successfully complete all 3 lessons on the scheduled session dates to be eligible for a Gold Season Pass. Due to the progressive team style nature of the lessons, there are no make-up sessions for missed lessons.

Participants must be beginner or low intermediates to qualify for this offer.

Club Camp 1 (January 8th, January 15th, and January 22nd) 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.
Club Camp 2 (January 29th, February 5th and February 12th) 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.

 *As with all rentals, helmets are an optional item. Helmet rental can be added or we also have helmets for sale in the Stash Shop.

NOTE: Parents often ask if they can stay with their kids during the lesson. We do not recommend this, as it is often distracting to them and interferes with the learning process. We have two observation decks in the teaching area if you would like to observe from a distance.

Price: $150.00
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Product ID LadiesNightOut
Ladies Night Out

There's nothing quite like the friendships and memories built while skiing. That's why Snowstar offers a women's specific outing on tap for this winter. Lessons begin at 6:00pm from 7:00pm, which fits in perfectly for mom's that have children in ski school or out on the slopes. This premium group ski lesson offers a great learning environment for women and is led by a professional female instructor from the Snowstar Ski School. In these lessons women can learn, or brush up, on their ski skills in a small group setting, from the foundation-building basics of a first-timer class, to navigating the easiest to more difficult slopes, to sharing tactics and camaraderie on the resort’s beginner and intermediate trails. Special food & beverage tastings designed with women in mind.  After successfully completing the (4) four consecutive week program, you will be rewarded with a Gold Season Pass good for the remainder of the Season.

Price: $150.00
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Product ID WedNightAdult
Wednesday Night Adult Camp

This special event takes place (4) four consecutive Wednesday evenings from 6 p.m. until 7 p.m. This is designed not only as a social event, but to make learning the thrill of skiing or boarding as a group event FUN and Exciting! Our Adults will meet; and hopefully become friends, with their own specific group! You will keep the same instructors for all your lessons. We just might have SPECIAL events planned for those of you that meet minimum age requirements, and your Mothers allow you to drink. We will have refreshment specials weekly in our newly remodeled Pub. Wondering how you can do this when you have the kids? We are offering a reduced rate for children to meet separately in their own group to learn this sport as well. You may consider this a break from the kids, or just an evening out. After successfully completing the (4) four consecutive week program, you will be rewarded with a Gold Season Pass good for the remainder of the Season.

Includes 4 days of Lift Tickets, Lessons & Rentals

Price: $150.00
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