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Business Special Offers

Business Special Offers

Bulk Business Ticket Package

A fun way to show appreciation to those associated with your business!

Snowstar is offering businesses 20% off of tickets! Purchase

a minimum of 50 tickets of your choice and hand them out to

your employees or clients to use for a great winter escape.

                       Ticket Options (3)

                  (May combine any options to total 50 or more.)

           Single Anytime Ski/Board Lift Ticket $28

           Single Anytime Ski/Board Lift Ticket + Rental $48

           Single Anytime Tube Hill Ticket $20


Corporate Ticket Voucher Program 

Our Corporate Ticket Program is offered to qualifying businesses and associations who
value employee wellness and recreation. Sunday through Friday only (Satuday not included.)
Blackout dates not included (12/26/17 - 1/4/18, 1/15/18 and 2/19/18)

Show your appreciation to your employees, members and families of your company or
association by providing them with a winter outdoor recreation alternative designed to encourage
and support healthy and active lifestyle choices for their long-term physical and mental well-being.
This special discount program is a great way to get your employees and members outside to
enjoy the fresh Midwest winter and play on the slopes of Snowstar Winter Sports Park.

         Here is how it works:
1. We provide you with a supply of redeemable discount coupons that you distribute to
employees as you see fit (e.g., performance incentives, seniority, or every employee).
2. We provide promotional posters to display and inform your employees of the program.
3. Your employees and their family dependents (or a single with a guest) present the coupon and
pay the deep discount price per person to enjoy Snowstar ’s slopes or tube hill.
4. You pay us the remainder of the balance of the total amount of the coupons used. We will
attach this to a summary invoice.

 One Regular All Day Ski/Board Lift Ticket Regular Price = $35
•Your Company Price with Coupon = $15 (comapny pays per employee)
•Employee Price with Coupon = $10 (employee pays upon arrival)
•Corporate Lift Ticket Program Price TOTAL = $25 ($10 Savings)

One Regular All Day Tube Hill Ticket Regular Price = $25
• Your Company Tube Hill Price with Coupon = $10 (company pays per employee)
• Employee Tube Hill Coupon Price with Coupon = $5 (employee pays upon arrival)
• Corporate Tube Hill Ticket Program Price TOTAL = $15 ($10 Savings)

              There is no upfront expense to your company and you only buy what you need. The program issimple and very popular with employees.We look forward to helping you, your employees and family members enjoy outdoor fun andaffordable winter recreation at Snowstar Winter Sports Park! Healthier and happier employees make for a stronger business!


In addition to these great offers, please feel free to ask about our corporate brunches, staff training outings, and team building outings. 

Questions? Contact: Kaitlyn Beckhart 



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