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Become an Instructor

Become an Ski/Snowboard Instructor

Join Snowstar’s Ski and Ride School Today!

2017-2018 Season Dry land Candidate Training Dates:

  • TBD

Snowstar Ski and Ride School is a member of the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI). PSIA and AASI are nonprofit associations dedicated to promoting the sports of skiing and snowboarding through instruction. With more than 28,500 members, PSIA-AASI establishes credentialing standards for snow sports instructors and develops education materials to be used as the core components of instructor training. You will have the opportunity to become a member of PSIA and participate in clinics run by PSIA instructors which will allow you to improve your teaching and skiing or riding skills.

If you enjoy skiing or snowboarding and enjoy working with the public, here is an opportunity for you! Join the Snowstar Ski and Ride School and share your passion with someone else, and make some money doing it. As a ski or snowboard instructor you will be a valuable part of the Snowstar team. The rewards of helping someone new to skiing and snowboarding are more than monetary. After watching your students progress and enjoy the sport, you will have an extreme sense of satisfaction in what you have helped them accomplish. 

Snowstar Instructors are treated to the following benefits*:

  • FREE Ski and Snowboarding*
  • FREE Rental Equipment*
  • FREE Snow Tubing*
  • 1/2 OFF Employee Meal Purchases*
  • 20% Off The Stash Retail Store*
  • Candidate clinics help improve your own skiing and snowboarding
  • Access to PSIA training
  • Ability to earn Complimentary Passes for friends/family
  • Paid per lesson taught
  • We Will Train You!
  • The opportunity to help people learn to do what you love

*All subject to AVAILABILITY, are NON-TRANSFERABLE and are SOLELY for the use and benefit of the EMPLOYEE!

The candidate program consists of a Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) based format of classroom, on snow training, lesson shadowing and a competency exam. The training takes approximately 5 weeks, one night per week. After we are open you can lesson shadow with other instructors as your schedule allows. The more lessons you shadow, the quicker you will complete the program. After passing the competency exam, you will be expected to purchase (at your own expense) an instructor uniform jacket costing approximately $200, depending on distributor availability.

Duties include:

  • Teaching from the age of 4 years of age or older
  • Teaching beginner skiers/snowboards to advanced levels
  • Assisting lift personnel and helping in rental periodically
  • Ultimately you are an ambassador to the ski area
  • Enforcing safety standards and the skiers conduct 
  • Conducting yourself in a professional manner while on the property


  • Know the fundamentals of skiing/snowboarding 
  • Having your own equipment is preferred (access to equipment)
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Must be available to work at least 2 days a week
  • Must show intent to finish teaching for the season
  • Benefits will be monitored based on attendance standards
  • Pass written & oral test as well as demonstrate lesson demo with ski director 
  • Most importantly…. Enjoy working with the public


Rod Leatherman
CELL: 309.912.5283


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